Love is a great feeling. We all desire to have someone special to love and who will love us back just as much. We love our parents, our children, our aunts, uncles, and our cousins. We love our friends. Indeed, love is so very special. But, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about love, such as the 8 facts presented here to you. Read below to learn a few fun facts about love that you probably didn’t already know.

We are Attracted to Those With Opposite Immune Systems

Well, there you have it: the very first strange fact about love. Did you know that we are attracted to people that have different immune systems than our own? As strange as it sounds, it is true. These results were concluded during a University of Sweden study.

You Can Find Love Spells That Work

Many people use love spells to reunite old lovers, to find new love, to mend their broken hearts, and for many other reasons. You can join the crowd and finally get the love that you want thanks to great love spells that work. If you believe in the power of magic these spells can do great things for you!

Falling in Love is an Addiction

Studies show us that falling in love is just as addictive as a drug as strong as cocaine or heroin. You’ve always been told how strong and powerful love is, and maybe even felt that yourself. Now, you know that you were right all along.

Love Can Drive You Crazy

Love makes you do crazy things and can literally drive you crazy. It’s probably not hard for you to fathom this thought, especially if you’ve been unlucky in love in the past. It’s due to serotonin in the brain!

We Fall in Love With People We Look Like

It sounds creepy, but it is yet another strange fact about love. A study conducted concluded that we tend to be attracted to people who share the same physical attributes as our own. So, maybe you do favor your spouse after all!

Four Minutes

That’s the time that it takes for you to know if you like someone and if you are attracted to them on a more physical level. Talk about fast!

Cuddling is a Pain Killer

When you cuddle with your partner, it naturally alleviates pain, whether that it emotional pain or physical pain that you feel. Now, there’s even more reason for you to cuddle with the person that you love so much. You do not want to feel any pain!

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Opposites Really do Attract

Studies suggest that if you and your partner are too similar, the relationship won’t last. Guess that it really is true that opposites attract. Of course, the same rule applies if you are too different, too. So, to find a life partner, you need to find someone who meets that perfect medium. Yes, it is as difficult to do as it sounds, as most people can tell you.